Babak Hafezi

Chief Executive Officer

Babak Hafezi’s advice is actively sought by leading global corporation from around the world. Organizations such as Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management sought his advice on the Groupon Initial Public Offering (IPO). Babak Hafezi has advised numerous clients in market entry strategies as well as service improvements to members of the Pakistani Parliament, and Global Fortune 5000 Companies and CEOs. HafeziCapital has advised numerous US companies on the Mergers and Acquisitions process and has developed a proprietary process to ensure efficacy and transparency.

International clients include but are not limited to Luxury Jeweler Cartier, LVMH (sub-contractors) and other Angel Investors, Private Equities and Venture Capital firms. Hafezi Capital’s Consulting department focuses on providing clients with help in revenue growth, corporate organization, capitalization and internationalization. HafeziCapital has seven core functional practices, namely Strategy, Risk Mitigation and Management, Corporate Finances, Organizational Design, Operations Implementation, Marketing and Information Systems. Hafezi Capital helps organizations become much more effective as a business and develops the foundational pillars for corporate growth. Hafezi Capital has become a major advisor to technology firms seeking to package themselves for capital raising. “At our core, Hafezi Capital creates value for its clients. We make lasting impression on corporations, transcending the times, and helping corporations fix their business problems that do not let them reach maximum growth potential” states Babak Hafezi.

Babak Hafezi obtained a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations with a focus on Middle Eastern Studies and a Master Degree (M.A.) in International Peace & Conflict Resolution from the School of International Service at The American University in Washington D.C.. He subsequently obtained a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from the Kogod School of Business at The American University and pursued  a post‐graduate education certificate in Strategy Development from the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Babak Hafezi has volunteered at Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), and serves on numerous Board of Directors positions, and advisory boards among them his alma mater the School of International Studies’s Young Alumni and Friends Committee at the American University.

Babak Hafezi is fluent in German, Spanish, and Farsi and understands the complexities of the international market space. He lives with his wife in McLean, Virginia and enjoy traveling, skiing, tennis, golfing, sailing, music, polo, and helping their various charities.