Brief Overview

EB5 retail business plans are developed and implemented with the intent of encouraging foreign investors to bring their interests to the U.S. and help create jobs in construction.

We utilize the immigration EB5 outline to design the best business plans. This is a program administered by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Its purpose is to help non-citizens and their families get immigrant visas (also known as Green Cards) under the provision they invest in new commercial or troubled businesses. EB5 came to fruition in 1990 as a means of stimulating the economy through foreign investment and job creation.

Constructing EB5 Retail Business Plans

When developing an EB5 retail business plan, we take into account a range of factors, which can vary based upon region.

  1. The per square foot cost of construction
  2. RIMS II multiplier for final construction demand
  3. Buildings constructed (specialty shops, box stores, restaurants)
  4. Mix of stores (including restaurants)
  5. Per square footage of sales per type of establishment
  6. RIMS II final demand retail sales multiplier
  7. Census data
  8. Regional and natural survey data
  9. Construction costs manuals
  10. Research on other projects in the region
  11. Unemployment rates in the area

The RIMS II is one of two input/output models used to design EB5 retail business plans. The other is the IMPLAN. While the differences between the two are subtle, IMPLAN is more of an employment driven model. RIMS II is output driven and, in general, tends to provide more job opportunities per expenditure of $1 million dollars.

Who Qualifies?

Pretty much any enterprise that has the capacity to create no less than 10 new full time jobs per $1 million dollar investment is eligible for the EB5 program. Businesses that have seen approval are as wide ranged as community centers, hotels, technology firms, office buildings, hospitals and nursing homes, warehouses, inland port facilities, manufacturing plants, forestry projects, research facilities, farms, movie production, lumber mills and aquaculture.

HafeziCapital’s EB5 Retail Business Plans

Our EB5 retail business plans are uniquely tailored for the businesses that we work with. We develop different business plans for retail shopping centers, restaurants, technology firms, or manufacturing plants. We use our expertise and experience to fully investigate the potential of any project, making it an appropriate model for the EB5 program. This can be a tricky endeavor. For instance, approval is definitely more likely for commercial enterprises as they can require (and create) more construction jobs than a residential venture. HafeziCapital’s analysis for EB5 retail business plans collaborates with, among others, experts in immigration law as well as a securities lawyer.

Hafezi Capital will help you produce an effective plan that shows how your project will impact any region positively and to increase your probability in obtaining a Green Card.

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