Hafezi Capital has extensive experience in developing various USDA Feasibility studies. Hafezi Capital has worked extensively with meat processing plants, poultry processing plants, pork processing plants, energy, manufacturing, rural development, and farms to help them develop the necessary USDA Feasibility Study to obtain the various USDA Loans and Grants. Hafezi Capital is very diligent in analyzing the multiple needs of the Company. Hafezi Capital understands that not all USDA Loans require a USDA Feasibility Study, but the ones that do require one are the USDA’s Value-Added Producer Grant for an emerging market application and USDA’s Business & Industry loan programs. USDA Feasibility studies minimize the risk for lenders and strengthen the loan or grant application process. We have identified a number of the USDA Feasibility Study’s requirements based on our client’s needs below. The USDA requires Feasibility Study to analyze the set of operations that have been identified by the applicant and financially and technically analyze the assumptions. The assumptions include factors such as the technology used (the facilities, equipment, production process), financing (capital needs, volume, cost of goods, wages), and marketing (prices, competition). Hafezi Capital works with clients on the following USDA Feasibility Study needs:

  1. Socially-Disadvantaged Groups Grant
  2. Food Supply Chain Guaranteed Loan Program
  3. OneRD Guarantee
  4. Rural Cooperative Development Grant Program
  5. Meat and Poultry Processing Expansion Program (MPPEP)
  6. USDA 9003 Loan Guarantee
  7. Business and Industry Loan Program (B&I Loans)
  8. Community Facilities (CF)
  9. Multi-Family Housing (MFH)
  10. REAP Loan Program

Hafezi Capital understands the requirements for each of the above USDA Loan Programs, develops the USDA Feasibility Study given each program’s specific needs, and aligns the business requirements with those established by the USDA. HafeziCapital has packaged more than $1.9 billion worth of projects and understands the complexities of each project and the requirements necessary for each project. For more information on the USDA Feasibility Studies, please contact us today.


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