What are Functional Practices?

Functional Practices are the areas that each corporation must specialize in to maintain growth.  Maintaing excellence within each clients functional disciplines can ensure that you make it rather than break your organization’s ability to keep up with change. HafeziCapital can help you from strategy development process, to implementation of the organization structure to the feasibility of a potential an international market entry. HafeziCapital is committed to helping our clients build their functional skills and boost performance for long term corporate viability. HafeziCapital provides business management consulting service across a vertical of industries. Our consultants are thought leaders and provide reliable and trusted advise, and an ability to execute top-level assignments.

HafeziCapital’s services are divided into sectors to help organizations grow, capitalize, internationalize, re-organize, and/or acquire new companies. The driving force for success in any business lies in its ability to foster strong Functional Practices, regardless of industry or sectors. By setting proper functional metrics in evaluating each Functional Practice we can determine the strengths and weaknesses of each department and find ways to improve the relationships between and within the departments. From Strategy to Operations & Marketing, we find organization efficiencies and commonalities that promote organizational cohesiveness and align the strategy with the various other aspects of the organization.