Understanding the outcome(s) of potential projects and investments is critical to managers’ decision-making process. Having visibility provides managers with the necessary tools for better decision making. Sharing this decision making in a comprehensive package with banks, investors and private equity is critical to getting funded.

HafeziCapital leverages more than a decade of experience in structuring, business modeling, and monetization, to assess project risks and enable clients to make informed business decisions. HafeziCapital’s detailed Feasibility Study provides you with the clarity to make informed decisions based on BOTH qualitative and quantitative analysis. Each client has a specific need; thus, we approach each engagement to understand your specific objectives. Our goals is to provide a strong narrative with backed up financials that will provide you with the key answers your organization needs.

As a Consulting Firm with over ten years of experience in structuring investments, we understand how stakeholders make business decisions. Our studies have been used by boards, banks, shareholders, underwriters within banks, government agencies within counties, cities, and countries to obtain project clarity and make informed decisions. Our strong understanding of what projects get funded and why, allows us to provide a strong analysis that can increase your projects success when searching for capital.

We have worked with corporations, religious institutions, non-profits, non-governmental agencies, and governments to identify project feasibility and deliver visibility and potential outcomes. HafeziCapital draws on its extensive business knowledge to provide clients with professionally tailored and independently evaluated Feasibility Studies.

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