HafeziCapital’s International Business Consulting team can offer your organization fully customizable solutions for your internationalization needs. Our International Business Consulting team has over a decade of experience in helping companies cope with their market expansion strategy. Our teams have helped countless consumer good companies, and technology companies enter new markets. Our team starts with understanding your companies specific Competitive Advantage. Our International Market Entry models have a very high success rate, given that we develop a strategy that works for your specific business. International market entry is one of the key models of growth. International market can help you with product development, new customer base, research and development, new product offerings, and a decrease in supply chain costs due to scaling abilities. HafeziCapital’s International Business Consulting team can help organizations through the entire lifecycle of the International Market Entry, from Pre-International Market Entry Research and Analysis, International Feasibility Study development, International Market Entry Strategies and Targeting and the International Implementation process. Your business can access the advantages of foreign markets while minimizing the risk of market entry.

Helping you with International Business Expansion

In this increasingly dynamic and globalized world, we see a convergence and interdependence between technology, human capital and developing an international market entry strategy. The major challenges facing decision-makers is the efficient management of scarce resources and ensuring that international projects are appropriately designed, developed and implemented for long-term sustainability and corporate value creation. It is therefore imperative for organizations to interact with experts for new ideas and sound advice based on a solid set of facts that help solve problems and seize opportunities as they arise.

Our International Business Services Offering

HafeziCapital’s International Business Consulting team offers you expert consultants who can manage all or part of your project from start to finish. HafeziCapital’s International Business Consulting team can guide you through each step and find solutions when needed. Our solutions include the following list of market entry structures:

Market Research and Assessment: HafeziCapital’s International Business Consulting team can carry out a broad brush or detailed analysis of the market and of the factors that need to be considered for your success. Among them include but are not limited to demand forecasting, value chain analysis, customer needs, customer behavior, regulatory environment, market entry barriers, risk analysis, channel analysis, competitor profiling as well as the SWOT Analysis, Market positioning analysis, and understanding what the low lying fruits are in the current market.

Internationalization: HafeziCapital’s International Business Consulting services help you look at the varies strategic possibilities and opportunities in the market space for your product and/or service in your destination market(s). We can develop and help your company implement the strategic targets and follow and support you corporate needs whenever, and wherever.

Country Visits: HafeziCapital’s International Business Consulting services can assist in visiting the countries and representing your organization in the deal making process. Through our vast global network, we can connect you with local partners, advise on Joint Venture (JV) matters,  prepare or translate promotional material that communicates through the cultural barriers, coordinate visits and meetings, and save your company the expensive cost of mishaps.

Reporting: HafeziCapital’s International Business Consulting team professionally managed the projects, providing regular reports to your management. Monthly reports and update status on projects are key to a functional relationship. HafeziCapital International Business Consulting’s ultimate goal is that your business has all the complete tools to implement and you reach your corporate strategic goals successfully.

International Feasibility Study: HafeziCapital’s International Business Consulting team can develop an international feasibility study looking at the viability of a set of ideas with a direct emphasis on identifying the key challenge within International markets. The key question that an effective Feasibility Study needs to address is: Will the idea work and should you proceed with it? A feasible study addresses the positioning in the market space of a product, its main clientele, pricing models, international banking risks, monetary risks, legal risks, country risk, human capital needs/limitations and where and how the business will operate. It provides in-depth analysis on the business and develops ways in which it can succeed at optimal levels. It can also become a very powerful tool raising private as well as bank-based capital from organizations such as the Import-Export Bank.

Implementation: HafeziCapital’s International Business Consulting team can assist with the Market International Implementation process. Among the implementation processes, HafeziCapital can help with Acquisitions Identification and profiling, preliminary due diligence, detailed due diligence, valuation, deal negotiation, and closing structures. Joint Ventures (JV) and International Alliances remain an imperative process for growth. HafeziCapital’s Alliance and JV consultants assist clients in identifying potential partners, evaluating, planning, exploring synergies, operational planning, partnership buy-in, and developing a detailed selection process. This selection process can be an empirical component in your international market entry success or failure.

HafeziCapital’s International Business Consultants are very experienced and have in-depth given that they have been in the trenches. Our International Business consultants can effectively help you minimizing your International expansion risk, or restructure your existing international market expansion. Our International Business Consultants  understand how the complex web of foreign currency management, each countries laws and regulation, banking and human capital resourced can be overwhelming. HafeziCapital’s International Business Consultants help align the needs of Senior Managers, Investors, and Employees who are leading and managing the International Business expansion. The job of HafeziCapital’s International Business Consultants is to make sense if it all for your organization and help you with a bespoke strategy that  helps you success within each new market. Our International Business Consultants have helped technology, consumer goods, and services companies enter new markets and earn hundreds of billions of dollars in new sources of revenue. We can help you with your international market expansion in a collaborative and positive matter. Call us today to see how we can help you with your International Market expansion needs.

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