Developing a successful International Business Strategy is critical in entering new markets. Global markets are expanding rapidly and new players are entering the market on a daily basis. New globally competitive companies are emerging from Developing markets, and your organization needs to understand how to best compete in an ever-changing business world. You need a firm to help you understand which countries are ready for your product and service, and which ones will adopt your product/service. Your team needs to understand what method of internationalization is needed for your business. Our team, helps you identify the “known unknowns” of the global market place and help you make the smart and effective decision as to which country to enter, and how to enter the market.

HafeziCapital’s International Business Strategy is used by the C-Suite, Founders, Private Equities (PE), Venture Capital (VC) firms, and Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWF) to help them identify the best method of international market entry. They see to understand which new markets to enter, what the value of the new market can be, and what investment will be needed for the new market. We help firms establish new international business strategies and refine existing international business strategies that are not working.

HafeziCapital’s International Business Strategy team, helps companies understand how to navigate international waters with a detailed analysis of and recommendations for an internationalization process. We help you:

      1. identify international drivers for your product/service
      2. identify countries that are best suited for your product/service
      3. analysis of the market size and revenue models
      4. cultural elements to international market entry
      5. changes needed to enter the market effectively
      6. detailed entry process
      7. identifying political, economic, social, and foreign currency risks
      8. international competition analysis
      9. government subsidies in international market entry and
      10. develop bespoke recommendations that work for your Company

International Business Strategy Process

The better understand your specific needs, our International Business Strategy team has developed a process to develop an effective strategy that can be implemented by your team.

Phase 1

The first phase seeks to collect data for your project. We interview your team and understand the specific products/services you provide. Where possible, we further analyze what your competitors are doing in international markets. The data gathering a validation process is critical in understating your companies abilities, human capital, financial abilities, and product/service offering.

Phase 2

HafeziCapital’s Internationalization team starts looking at the variables that are key to your international market entry success. We undertake and in-depth analysis of global markets, and contrast the various drivers for your product/service demand in those markets. HafeziCapital look at competitors and their successes and failures in the international market. Our team uses world-class international data-sets and research in driving our analysis and provide functional recommendations.

Phase 3

Our team finalizes the International Business Strategy via a written document and an in-person PowerPoint Presentation. The analysis is presented in a method to educate and explain the thought process. It is meant to be both educational and process driven. It is critical to understand the methodology of how we chose the country and why it was chosen.

International Market Expansion

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