HafeziCapital has vast experience implementing the strategies agreed upon by our International market entry clients. HafeziCapital’s International Implementation is a holistic approach based on the Pre-International Market Entry and the International Market Entry research and analysis. HafeziCapital’s International Implementation process provides the flexibility for clients to focus on existing day-to-day operations while outsourcing the complicated implementation processor to a subject matter expert. The International Implementation process may include determining the target city, hiring law firm(s), acquisition target analysis, choosing commercial retail/office space, banking, human capital development, temporary country manager status, training, channel development, new market entry marketing, financial repatriation strategies, tax efficiency modeling and implementation, capitalization, organization structure, training, hiring, and ultimately successfully launching and maintaining an international market.

Effective International Implementation

Effective International Implementation is key to the overall success of taking the concepts in Pre-International Market Entry and International Market Entry and implementing in a way that leads to the overall success of the company launch in a foreign market. Many organizations do not have the internal capabilities to successfully lead the launch process and thus fail within an international market entry. HafeziCapital’s International Implementation team has access to vast data sets and is familiar with the cultural, economic, and organizational requirements that lead to successful international market entry campaigns.

International Mergers & Acquisitions

For each organizational the international market entry strategy, structure, target country and International Implementation will differ. This is based on the customized model that HafeziCapital develops for each of its clients. For some firms, the best mode International Implementation is exporting while for others it’s franchising. For other firms who choose to have full control of the brand, a subsidiary may be the right answer. For other firms, the acquisition of an existing firm in the target market may be a better answer. To this extent, HafeziCapital’s International Implementation Team has a vast library of knowledge in how to best implement the various market entry strategies. This coupled with HafeziCapital’s experience in International Merger & Acquisition allow Client’s to identifying and targeting potential mergers and acquisitions. HafeziCapital can develop the short list, long list, preliminary due diligence, in-depth due diligence, valuation analysis, negotiation, cultural fit analysis,  closing and post-acquisition integration in foreign markets.

Alliances and Joint Ventures

HafeziCapital’s vast experience in finding and structuring Alliances and Joint Ventures helps organizations fast-track their growth. HafeziCapital has developed its own proprietary approach for finding the correct foreign entities for Alliance building and Joint Ventures. Finding the correct partner that has the same values can be critical to the overall success of international market entry. HafeziCapital advises on the structure of the interaction, and development of a unified strategy to maximize financial viability for all parties. HafeziCapital can lead the full Alliances and Joint Venture process in the International Implementation process.

Wholly Owned Subsidiary & Greenfield

HafeziCapital’s vast experience within the Wholly Owned Subsidiary and Greenfield model, allows it to save companies valuable time and money. HafeziCapital’s approach is efficient and effective focusing on a holistic approach to market entry. HafeziCapital assists companies in implementing the business plan, financial modeling, operations planning, location assessment, site selection, site identification, and recruitment. HafeziCapital can lead the full Wholly Owned Subsidiary and Greenfield process in the International Implementation process.

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