HafeziCapital’s Pre-International Market Entry process begins with understanding the key strategic objectives for your organization in entering new markets. HafeziCapital reviews the competitive advantage(s) in entering Developed, Emerging, and Frontier markets and its implication on your business. HafeziCapital’s Pre-Market Entry is divided into four key phases to help your Company understand what the potential impacts of International Market Entry can be on your organization.

Pre-International Market Entry Phase 1

Pre-International Market Entry Phase 1 consists of the development of a customized solution with a one-on-one meeting with founders, managers, and board members’ to understand the core reasons behind their quest for international market entry. After meetings, interviews, discussions, and preliminary conclusions, HafeziCapital reviews the financial and resource commitment available by the company to deploy for international market entry implementation. Considering these findings HafeziCapital develops a country International Feasibility Study that analyses the country or group of countries the organization is attempting to enter and provides an in-depth analysis and a set of recommendations. The Market Assessment will comprise of demand forecasting, competitor profiling, value chain, business structuring, customer behavior, barriers to entry, margin, channel and distribution, trade and tariffs, risks, market potential, regulatory environment, and costs analysis. This data is taken into account to ensure a successful Pre-International Market Entry.

The International Feasibility Study is designed to provide your organization a full scope understanding on how your Company can be successful in a group of countries and how each country stacks up in terms of preference as the first country of entry. The International Feasibility Study provides clarity, and allows investors and team leaders understand how much money they will potentially need to make the international market entry successful and what the potential return on investment (ROI) can be on this new market entry.

Pre-International Market Entry Phase 2

Pre-International Market Entry Phase 2 is client centric assessing the internal corporate drivers and capabilities of the company. Phase 2 will focus on various internal and external analysis such as SWOT and PEST Analysis, a Competitive Profile Matrix, various international market entry matrices, a SPACE Matrix, and an Internal/External Matrix. HafeziCapital further reviews the financial health of the organization and its financials capabilities and resource commitments to this new venture. Personal interviews with key decision makers are designed to understand the key objectives of the organization within the pre-international market entry. Our organization’s ability to ask the right questions and take your input into account, assures that we develop a model that works best for your organization and that is natural for your growth.

Pre-International Market Entry Phase 3

Based on the data collection and analysis of previous Phases, HafeziCapital begins defining the market opportunities as it relates to the capabilities of the company. Aligning these two elements early in the planning process is critical to overall market entry success. This process allows the organization to prioritize potential market opportunities, and define which market is the stepping stone for its global market entry process.

Pre-International Market Entry Phase 4

The final phase within the Pre-Market Entry segment presents an assessment of all the market entry options. This will be a comprehensive evaluation of the market and a cost-benefit analysis of acquisition, joint venture, and intermediary options. Phase four of the Global Market Entry culminates with a set of recommendations (e.g., Pre-International Market Entry Strategy,  timeline(s) and phase development, growth model(s), budgetary requirements and human capital need) to implement the international market entry process.

Our Pre-International Market Entry Analysis helps your organization with in-depth analysis based in clear factors that define your success within the International Market. HafeziCapital’s International Business Consultants work hard to ensure that we listen to your needs and understand your goals. Our model for International Market Entry is based on personal experience in managing international projects. Thus we have both a technical and first person implementation experience in global market expansion.

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