Economists have predicted that emerging countries will supply half the world’s production by 2014, making international consumer markets a temptation hard to resist. Acronyms such as BRIC‘s (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) and CIVETS (Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey and South Africa)  are becoming common terminology for companies wanting to enter emerging markets (EM). The risks of entry, however, can stop a company dead in its expansion tracks. Often, companies lack the facility to evaluate and monitor the political, legal, economical, technological, and consumer influences at work in rapidly changing world markets. International trade consultants (ITCs) can help you grow.

What do ITCs know?

International trade consultants are professionals educated and experienced in world economies, finance, and marketing. While you have spent years building your company, an ITC has spent years analyzing country and world economies, markets, trade regimes, political systems, and consumer trends. An ITC has specialized skill in country risk analysis, economic forecasts, and financial engineering. If you want to decrease the risk when entering a new market, an ITC’s advice is invaluable.

How will an ITC help?

HafeziCapital international trade consultants can help your organization develop a feasibility model, assess political risks, deliver a customized market entry strategy, make economic forecasts,  and construct global econometric models, allowing you to discover your company’s strengths and to identify potential problems. When you implement your plans, you will find HafeziCapital’s International trade consultants helpful in moving through a maze of customs, logistics and supply chain systems. HafeziCapital ITC offer solutions for export promotions, supply chain matters, and market intelligence. An ITC can also advise you in building a company structure to handle your international expansion such as a joint venture, technology transfer, or licensing.

HafeziCapital’s ITC services

HafeziCapital International Trade Consultants

HafeziCapital International Trade Consultants Help You enter new markets

HafeziCapital’s international trade consultant will offer you an overall expansion plan beginning with a detailed evaluation of your business structure, financial status, markets, and current domestic market share. You will be given a feasibility study showing the strengths and weaknesses of your business in relation to your intended target market. The ITC will analyze market entry and develop an action plan with a time frame.

You will find your ITC’s guidance invaluable as you implement the plan. An ITC can assist you to change your management, company policies, and business strategies. You can rely on international trade consultants to make continued assessments so you can adjust for market, economic, and political changes as your entry proceeds. Once in the market, the ITC will be able to implement quantitative and evaluative ways to measure the results.

What is the goal?

Your goal is to establish a sound and reliable market share in the country you have targeted. Your international trade consultant’s goal is to get you there.

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