HafeziCapital’s M&A focuses on helping clients undertake Market Research, provide effective and functional analysis and ultimately help our Client’s develop an acquisition Strategy. The process of M&A Consulting generally starts with an understanding “why buying a company or its assets,” and what the measurable goals for an acquisition will be. To this extent, HafeziCapital’s M&A Consultants work hard in developing the correct market research about your company. Given where you are in the growth process the acquisition may be domestic or international. The analysis allows Companies to understand what type of Companies are available to them or competing against them within the market, and how to position the sale or acquisition so its most successful. It also provides visibility as to what the cost of an acquisition can be.  This is also an important timeframe to ensure the Company has the ability to access Debt Markets if the acquisition requires bank loans.

Buy Side: If HafeziCapital is representing you on the buy side we look at potential acquisition targets, market share, cash flow, leverage ratio’s and how much capital it will cost to acquire the assets. This approach allows us to provide the company with a serious potential buyers list with a defensible Acquisition Strategy that can be defended to the Board of Directors.

Sell Side: If HafeziCapital is representing you on the sale side, the Market Research will allow us to see who a potential buyer is, why your company is unique for acquisition and what pricing and valuations based on ratios we should expect. Marker Research, Analysis and Strategy allows us to developed the packaging required to develop the Teaser sheet and start positioning the company to interested targets.

It is important to understand that serious buyers want extensive documented, defensible evidence of your company’s success and failures and will examine its income generating potential. HafeziCapital will work with your organization in developing realistic financial projections, customer list, contracts, and get the organization structured for an exit. HafeziCapital’s M&A Consultant’s will help develop a credible analysis of market and industry trends, competitor’s strengths and weaknesses, and local and/or national reach and quality and longevity of Customer base, among other key metrics.

Market Research, Analysis and Strategy

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