The HafeziCapital consulting process is based on a well-defined set of parameters. The process is divided into 8 Phases from beginning to end. The timeline can be set as short or as long as the clients require. The initial process entails sitting down with the client and listening to the problem(s) they are having or the opportunities that they pursuing. We pride ourselves in listening to our clients and as the discussion moves forward we take notes and ask questions that further our knowledge of the problems and allow us to understand what the key problems are and design solutions for the problem. The process allows for clients and consultants to develop a clear pathway and establish successful parameters. This ensures that the client understands what HafeziCapital is delivering and what services the client needs to maintain its goals.

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HafeziCapital’s Eight Step Process

Phase 1 Process: First Meeting

It’s the start of our working relationship. We meet and listen to the problems that you and your team are having, generally, this meeting is attended by Senior Management who have the ability to make financial decisions for the organizations. We dive into your organizational needs and find what your “itch” is within the organization. This “itch” can be both an opportunity for growth and acquisition as well as a problem within the organization. (For more information on this please visit our “HOW WE CAN HELP” on the bottom left-hand side of our homepage). HafeziCapital works very hard in distinguishing between the symptoms and the actual problems and thus emphasize listening and full understanding of the different levels of problems that your organization is having. This step must lead to a mutual willingness to invest in working together, with good perspectives to contribute to the organization’s performance & success. This step takes usually one or two meetings and the customer is free to decide not to go ahead with the assignment.  The initial consultation is always at no cost to the client.

Phase 2 Process: Scope & Guidelines

This step leads to a ‘formal’ working agreement covering the assignment, ways of working, and roles of client and consultant. It’s an attempt to define the scope and boundaries of the assignment and to identify the stakeholders involved. It produces a first outline of the expected results in terms of behavior change and performance improvement. This is a basic roadmap of the consulting process with defined end results. It also addresses the financial obligation of parties and the signing of the contract and terms of delivery.

Phase 3 Process: Interviews & Data Collection

In this step, HafeziCapital gathers information by interviewing the entire management team via documentation and in-person meetings. This data collection is part of the data collection process and leads to a further understanding of where the major problems of the organization are. HafeziCapital collects and analyzes all other relevant information and works hard to ensure that stakeholders share information and thus we establish an atmosphere of respect and develop an amicable and friendly process to learn more about what they do and how they do it. We also collect information about the industry and market movement. Understanding where the marker is going is very important to the final analysis.

Phase 4 Process: Symptoms, Diagnosis & Findings

HafeziCapital meets the project owner and stakeholders to provide the ‘Feedback’ of the assembled data. Based on that information we either:

  1. agree that we understand the nature of the problem and we can identify the context, causes, and consequences that are involved in the Performance issue or challenge … or
  2. we decide that further investigation and data gathering is needed

The main objective of this phase is to bring about a mutual understanding and agreement on the diagnosis of the situation.

Phase 5 Process: Moving Forward

This is where we agree on the actions to take, the roles and responsibilities as well as the expected outcomes. Once in agreement on the diagnosis, we brainstorm together on possible action strategies to address the issues. HafeziCapital facilitates the ‘problem solving’ process and enables stakeholders to “think outside of the box” and to produce a number of creative and innovative ways to deal with the issues.

Phase 6 Process: Recommendations

In this phase HafeziCapital, in close collaboration with the client, develops a detailed plan including strategy, methodology, involvement,  project organization, resources, budgets for the identified solution. We also design the necessary measures (qualitative/quantitative) to monitor progress and results as we proceed in this project. HafeziCapital will also design the specific activities, workshops, tools and hire third parties (based on contract) to execute the action strategy. Once the company agreed on the recommendations, HafeziCapital can move to the next step of actual implementation.

Phase 7 Process: Implementation

HafeziCapital carries out the action plan generated to solve the problem, implement new technology or processes, start-up projects, etc.. This may include team development, training, coaching-on-the-job, and a myriad of other potential outcomes based on the clients’ needs. HafeziCapital tries to make sure all interventions are very much aligned with each other and integrated with your normal business and operational processes.

Phase 8 Process: Review

This is the formal closure of the project, review with the stakeholders the activities were undertaken and identify the learnings. In this step, we try to ‘observe or measure’ the behavior changes that occurred and the impact it had on the business results.

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