Our commercial and residential Real Estate Feasibility Study is designed to clarify your project to banks and potential investors. We help clients nationally to identify how to achieve financial success within their Real Estate Projects. We develop Feasibility Studies and Real Estate Development Analyses for many types of Real Estate ventures. Our analysis helps you understand estimated project inputs and financial models for project success. The Real Estate Feasibility Study content provides a comprehensive description of the product offering and financial success of the real estate development project.

Real Estate Developers continuously ask us to help them maximize land value by undertaken a detailed analysis of three potential Projects on the chosen site. In essence it is three suites in one, with the intent to maximize land value and show what the potential investments of three Project can be on the site. Our comprehensive analysis offers developers actionable information to determine the best financial use of the site and how to maximize revenues.


Real Estate Feasibility Studies include:

        • Apartment Complexes (High-Rise and Low Rise Apartments)
        • Townhomes
        • Condominiums
        • Mixed use Residential and Retail
        • Wineries and Vineyards
        • Commercial Retail Centers
        • Malls and Mixed Use Entertainment Spaces
        • Private Schools and Universities
        • Campus Housing
        • Office Buildings
        • Parking Garages
        • Medical Buildings
        • Professional Buildings
        • Multi-lot re-development
        • Hotels
        • Motels
        • Entertainment Facilities (Amusement Parks, Water Parks, Movie Theaters, Theaters, Casino’s, Concert Halls, Others)
        • Athletic Centers
        • Sports Complex
        • Ski Resorts
        • Hospitals
        • Public Storage Facilities
        • Senior Housing (Private and Medicaid based models)
        • Assisted Living Facilities (Private and Medicaid based models)
        • Boat Storage Facility
        • Marinas
        • Mobile Homes & RV Parks
        • Industrial Space
        • AirBNB Businesses

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