The SBA requires a third-party review via a Feasibility Study to review the relevant factors of your proposed business. The third-party assessment provides an unbiased review of your proposed project and a better understanding of costs, incomes, internal rate of return (IRR), return on invested capital (ROIC), breakeven period, payback period, and other critical financial and organizational measures. All SBA loans require the borrower to show that the potential project can pay its financial obligations, show possible cash flows, timing in repayment, and the organization’s financial health.¬†Hafezi Capital has worked across industries from restaurants, nightclubs, dental practices, trucking companies, hotels and motels, physician offices, medical offices, coffee shops, assisted living facilities, retail stores, business services, auto repair shops, car dealerships, car washes, pre-school and daycare facilities, gyms, sports facilities, self-storage facilities, gas stations, and convenience store among other businesses. Hafezi Capital’s SBA Loan Feasibility Studies have helped countless customers in the application process for potential loan approval for their respective loans. Given our vast experience, we help develop market-leading SBA Loan Feasibility Studies, increasing our client’s ability to obtain a loan.¬†Given our extensive experience consulting, structuring deals, and allocating value for Companies, we understand how to best package your project for success. We review your existing business model and provide helpful feedback to help improve your success factor. We have found countless financial mistakes in the modeling process when clients provide us with their business plans for review. We provide constructive feedback based on our market assessment and key feedback variables from the market to allow for the submittal of solid and practical applications.

Hafezi Capital’s approach to Feasibility Study development is customized to each client. Our job is to listen to your specific business plan and better understand your objective and goals. Based on our analysis of your project, we help develop proven and solid business models leading to an increased chance of SBA Loan approval.

SBA Loan Feasibility Study

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