HafeziCapital helps its clients build an income-producing real estate portfolio by combining lender and broker relationships with superior strategies for financing and property management. HafeziCapital’s understanding of complex real estate opportunities gives clients critical insights into their risks and opportunities. HafeziCapital’s principals provided its clients with critical information regarding of Mortgage-Backed Securities immediately prior to the financial crisis in 2008, repositioning them into more stable investments

HafeziCapital’s keys to acquiring properties and making them profitable include:

  1. Relying upon its relationships with lenders and real estate brokers to purchase underperforming and nonperforming loans and distressed properties
  2. Maximizing return on investment by using minimal or no leverage
  3. Stabilizing properties and maximizing long-term cash flow by renegotiating leases, where needed
  4. Responding to demographics and demand with a tailored leasing strategy
  5. Putting in place an efficient, professional management team.

Once properties are stabilized, they can be financed and investor cash returned, while maintaining the rate of return at its highest level.

HafeziCapital Commercial Real Estate Consulting evaluates new opportunities by analyzing financials, and creating a realistic model for assessing value. The model is refined to reflect potential capital expenditures as HafeziCapital gains expert insights on the physical plant, and for leasing issues, and local code issues, and nearby competition.

Post-acquisition, HafeziCapital Commercial Real Estate Consulting safeguards investor returns by continuing to be actively engaged in leasing and management. Beyond purchasing existing properties, HafeziCapital offers several other important real estate services:

  1. Assisting developers in all phases of developing raw land for commercial and mixed use
  2. Helping investors make informed decisions about options such as real estate investment trusts and special real estate trusts
  3. Serving as experts in evaluating underperforming and non-performing real estate investment securities

HafeziCapital Commercial Real Estate Consulting has advised on over $750 million of real estate development and Mortgage Backed Securities. Representative projects include, but are not limited to:

  1. 18,000 square feet of retail and office condominium space,
  2. 4 acres of retail space, 13 acres of retail space with a national big box chain,
  3. 110 unit senior living facility,
  4. 2.5 acres of redeveloped street-scape retail and rental housing, and
  5. 950+ student housing facility.