Feasibility Analysis are essential in the planning process for any new project being undertaken by a company and  forms the basis and foundation in understanding how to successfully implement a project. HafeziCapital is an experienced provider of feasibility studies and business plans for clients, in the areas of energy, technology, infrastructure, gaming, cyber security, FinTech, Healthcare, manufacturing, education, hospitals in the United States and internationally. HafeziCapital works with your management, board, and staff as appropriate to craft plans that meet the needs of ownership, lenders, investors, and others.

The feasibility analysis focuses on helping answer the key question of “should we proceed with the proposed project?” All activities of the study are directed toward helping answer this key question for our clients and stakeholders. The feasibility study helps to “frame” and “flesh-out” specific business scenarios so they can be analyzed in-depth. Feasibility studies allow companies to map out the full process in an organized and detailed process. HafeziCapital’s feasibility study team helps clients identify logistical problems, business-related problems and defines specific solutions. Feasibility studies also lead to the development of marketing strategies that help organizations understand what the value proposition of the product is and define pricing, positioning, promotions, and placement.

During the feasibility analysis process HafeziCapital will investigate a variety of ways of organizing the business and positioning your product or service in the marketplace. It is an exploratory journey and HafeziCapital will take several paths before we reach a final analysis that works for your organization.

Hafezi Capital has developed a proven and thorough methodology based on client needs, extensive research, experience and development of a bespoke strategy for our Clients. HafeziCapital’s Feasibility Analysis team, has prepared feasibility studies for hundreds of projects both start-ups and expansions for established companies seeking to introduce a new product or service to existing or new markets.

Previous Feasibility Analysis

Hafezi Capital has undertaken a wide variety of international and Domestic Feasibility Analysis projects through the United States and the world. Some of the Feasibility Analysis including but are not limited to:

  • Waste-to-Energy/ Waste-from-Energy projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo,
  • Private Hospital development throughout People’s Republic of China and Iraq,
  • Seven Airports in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and countless projects internationalizing technology companies from the United States to other global markets.
  • Major regional bank’s underwriting department requested a detailed Feasibility Study to understand the project viability for lending and valuation purposes
  • Development of a Feasibility Study for the structuring for a new business entity in the marketing realm being purchased by an existing company
  • Feasibility studies for mixed-use, multi-unit residential and commercial projects (mid-rise and high-rise projects)
  • Religious Institution expansion of healthcare services and real estate development
  • Feasibility studies for building, managing, and operating a 100,000 square foot fitness center facility
  • Feasibility studies for the redevelopment of land into a self-storage space 
  • Feasibility studies for not-for-profits to validate new lines of services, and provide the board with guidance on spending, success metrics, and costs
  • Feasibility studies for major US towns and cities to justify infrastructure projects such as medical facilities, fire services, and police services.
  • Capital Campaign for Private Education within the United States  

Our Feasibility Analysis model is to understand the parent organization’s existing structure and develop an advisory project that is implementable by our client and meets its specific needs from a Phase 1 perspective. Later Phases are more in-depth and provide specific city, and location analysis that results in detailed targeting and penetration analysis. This has resulted in an impressive track record of client’s understanding the requirements for market entry and making choices that befit the needs of the organization based on facts and figures which allow for successful project outcomes. This analysis is used by banks, financial institutions, governments, and boards, to validate projects and allow for projects to move forward and obtain financing.  

Feasibility Analysis Process

Hafezi Capital’s Feasibility Analysis process is to specifically understand the needs of the CXO’s of the organization and of the investor class (such as private equities) and produce an end-product that is functional, implementable, and provides the key data-points for stakeholders to make appropriate decisions that meet the overall organizational goals. To be effective Hafezi Capital undertakes an in-depth analysis of the organization, of the countries and markets that they company is attempting to enter, and the financial viability and process of market entry that best befits the companies existing business structure. In general Feasibility Analysis have three (3) key components, namely Market Analysis, Technical Analysis, and Financial Analysis. However, based on each project the length and depth of the analysis may vary and other elements may also be introduced within the Feasibility Analysis to ensure project viability. 

The financial assessment is a critical component of the Feasibility Analysis. Without the “financials” it will be impossible to determine how feasible the business idea is. Included in the financial assessment is revenue and income projections for the first five years along with costs to determine how much funding your project will require. Key components of the financial assessment include but are not limited to Capital requirements, start-up costs, revenue projections, Gross Profit Margins (GPM), net income, and break-even analysis.

Feasibility Analysis Goals

Hafezi Capital’s Feasibility Analysis team review the specific verticals within the global marketplace and undertake world-class research to provide an optimal answer to the questions of:

  1. Will the project be viable? If “Yes” how?
  2. What resources are necessary?
  3. How should it be implemented?
  4. What are the risks associated with the project?
  5. How long will it take for the project to become financially viable?
  6. What is the potential financial and organization outcomes for the firm?
  7. How can the project be structured to meet bank financing or investor financing requirements?
  8. What are the political, economist, and social risks?

HafeziCapital Feasibility Analysis team bring all these functions together and combines them with specific local requirements where necessary to ensure the project is suitable to the environment in which it is constructed.

Once the business opportunity has been validated through HafeziCapital’s feasibility analysis we work with clients to produce detailed pre and post market entry budgets, Business Plan, Market Entry Strategies, Pricing Models, Human Capital allocation, Currency Analysis and outlining the strategies and tactics required for proper project implementation.

HafeziCapital brings both US and international experience to the Feasibility Study process, providing knowledge and capability in regard to local requirements and sensibilities enabling effective deployment of capital and human resources. HafeziCapital team has extensive experience of undertaking this process and can bring financial benefit to the project through its knowledge of the global marketplace. Our Feasibility Analysis has taken us all over the world, from Austin, Texas, to the People’s Republic of the Congo. We have worked with central governments, cities, municipalities, CEO’s, board members, underwriters and entrepreneurs. Our job is to understand your specific needs and develop a study that meets the specific requirements of your organization.

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