HafeziCapital’s Information Systems team helps its clients develop an effective, functional and financially viable information system that serves as the backbone of their operations. A properly designed and implemented information system creates enterprise value via internal data transparency, data accessibility, and data analysis. In competitive industries, effective Information Systems lead to market leadership, increased customer revenue, higher customer satisfaction rates and lower customer churn rates.

Companies that underinvest in technological advancement will be unable to manage costs and revenue vis-à-vis their competitors, eventually losing market share based on inadequate response to market demands.

HafeziCapital’s Information Systems team can help its clients design and implement an Information System that functions effectively across the organization while balancing their respective Information Technology (IT) needs with capital investitures.

After a thorough interview process, HafeziCapital’s Information Systems team uses a proprietary analysis model to recommend the appropriate Information System required by your organization. This analysis ensures that organizations allocate the proper amount of capital to their information systems infrastructure without under-investing or over-investing. HafeziCapital can help your organization make an informed decision by balancing your IT needs with your business needs.

IT Architecture

The IT Architecture of your company should enhance your organization’s goals. The technology should streamline operations and ensure the efficacy of end goals. HafeziCapital can access your needs in various sectors of your organization, ensuring technology integration, data accessibility, and technology expandability.

Information Systems Cost Assessment

HafeziCapital is capable of assisting your organization to access your various technological needs, define your core needs, and provide assistance in the implementation process. This allows your organization to spend effectively while driving need-based growth. Harnessing technology is imperative for growth. Setting a systemized process can ensure both financial and technological efficacy. HafeziCapital helps its clients balance the Information Technology expenditures with their respective business needs.

Information Systems Infrastructure

While select systems are becoming smarter, the vast majority of the world’s business and IT infrastructure̶mobile devices, phones, copiers, PCs, servers, data centers, software and the processes that make it all work̶remains slow, inefficient and incapable of handling the workload. However, there are new computing capabilities that can literally “reinvent” your existing IT infrastructure, making it leaner, flexible, resilient and smarter. HafeziCapital can assist the organization in creating an IT Infrastructure that merges business and technological needs into a cohesive and functional IT infrastructure.

IT Outsourcing

A truly global company will be one that utilizes the intellect and resources of every corner of the globe. Determining when your organization should migrate its Information Systems Infrastructure can affect every aspect of your organization. HafeziCapital can help you determine when to use these strategies to create and implement an effective systemized process to achieve your business goals.