HafeziCapital’s approach to marketing stems from a holistic perspective by taking into account the companies core values, strategy, vision, and mission. HafeziCapital helps clients in moving marketing across the organization. We strive to understand our client’s organizations, needs, wants, products and/or services. Once HafeziCapital interviews the client, conducts market research and understands the client’s goals, we develop a campaign that reenforces the companies overall values and creates a lasting impression within the public’s mind. This is especially important given that in the United States eight out of ten products fail within the first three months after launching.

An effective marketing campaign must take into account the entire organization as a whole and communicate a single cohesive message at every touch point that the customer may encounter. Companies that run multiple campaigns at once with differing messages risk loosing customer focus and weakening the Brand message.

In the past twelve years, marketing models have migrated from a funnel system to a customer decision journey system. Effective marketing will align your organization’s marketing with the customer decision-making the process at the point of purchase. HafeziCapital helps its clients design a campaign that maximizes this revenue model. Marketing should never be viewed as the last resort and most expendable for your business given that it is the frontier between your company and the customer.

Branding Portfolio

The identity of an organization is the most important asset they posses. It carries the quality, value, and competency of the organization without ever uttering a word. At HafeziCapital, we recognize how important a brand is to an organization. Our experience in creative marketing and market research will enable your organization to embody the brand that is created for it.

Consumer Research

Developing a step-by-step approach to reaching your consumers can be a daunting task. HafeziCapital’s Consumer research approach will allow your organization to understand the type of consumer they attract and how they can maintain the level of loyalty needed on an ongoing basis.

Marketing Strategy

Many times, an organization can go to market without a clear understanding of how to execute their marketing initiative. HafeziCapital’s marketing strategy consultants provide a comprehensive plan to assist organizations to build a market plan through an understanding of the organization’s marketing-mix of products, price, place, and promotion, known as the four Ps, while integrating your organization’s four Cs, (i.e. consumer, cost, communication and convenience).

Pricing Strategy

Pricing can be the difference between a successful sales force and a struggling movement of inventory. HafeziCapital has vast experience in determining the optimal price for an organization’s product. Our practitioners bring to the table industry experience in many different fields and understand the market’s threshold in understanding which price can drive the organization’s product.

Marketing Effectiveness

Organizations need to effectively disseminate advertisements while controlling their respective budgets. At HafeziCapital, we find and focus on the target market and disseminate information in a format that is both effective and financially viable. Organizations can now do more with less by harnessing new media and coordinating it with old media. We focus on message optimization and effective dissemination of our clients’ advertisements.

Client Relationship

The Sales Cycle of an organization and the management of clientele are the backbone of any organization, whether dealing with health care, retail, or within another industry. In order to maximize revenue, comprehensive sales and client management system must be implemented and weaved into the organization. HafeziCapital provides the training and implementation techniques needed for an organization to thrive in a competitive environment and maintain a strong pipeline of sales, sales leads, and future clients.