The operations of your organization are one of the most important segments of your enterprise. The efficacy of your organization is determined by the manner in which data and collaboration are moved within and without your organization. How your company’s logistics work in conjunction with the other sectors becomes vital in corporate health and wealth. Organizations that grow yet neglect to revise and strengthen their operational support will eventually fail. Your operations determine how you reach your suppliers and customers. Any system failure will eventually increase your customer churn rate. Operations need to be continuously monitored and nurtured. HafeziCapital has a proven team that realigns the corporate values, mission, and vision into the operations of the organization. HafeziCapital can help companies set the proper metrics for internal analysis. By having an ever changing quantitative metric system, organizations have the ability to make choices based on proven values rather than hunches. Organizations that have a strong logistics system and a controlled supply chain have lower cost structures. By having a lower cost structure they have the ability to become market makers rather than market takers. HafeziCapital can help your organization develop a strong and effective operations structure that maximizes your revenue yet minimizes your operations costs.

Service Operations

Effective and efficient customer service has a critical impact on customer acquisition, customer retention and cost management. Service operations that are tailored to the needs of key customer segments, while balancing quality and cost objectives, play an integral role in any company’s success. HafeziCapital begins by deepening a company’s understanding of which customers are most profitable and what their needs are. We examine methods of differentiating service and evaluate how effective current systems are at meeting customer needs and profit objectives. We design pragmatic ways to make service more effective on all levels. Lastly, we create metrics to track improvements in service.

Operations Infrastructure

HafeziCapital can assist your organization in developing an operations infrastructure that complements your business needs. With new computing capabilities, we can literally reinvent your existing operational infrastructure, making it leaner, flexible, resilient and smarter. HafeziCapital can assist the organization in creating an Operations Infrastructure that merges business and technological needs into a cohesive and functional operational infrastructure.

Product Development

Continuing product development can be a lifeline for many organizations. HafeziCapital can assist in effectively developing and producing a new product while decreasing the production cycle. HafeziCapital has developed a proprietary business dynamics system to optimize product development while maintaining high quality.


HafeziCapital can assist your organization in enhancing the manufacturing process of your operations via best business practices in operational management. HafeziCapital can assist in implementing Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) software, thus determining which suits your company’s needs. Such needs may include production management, performance analysis, quality and compliance, and human machine interface (HMI). Production management software provides real-time information about jobs, orders, labor, materials, machine status, and product shipments. Performance analysis software displays metrics at the machine, line, plant and enterprise level for situational or historical analysis. Quality and compliance software are used to promote compliance with standards and specifications for operational processes and procedures. HMI software, a form of MOM software that enables operators to manage industrial and process control machinery using a computer-based interface, is key to integrating all facets of operational IT.