The manner by which an organization is run has a direct effect on the companies values structure and bottom line. Organizational development starts with the leaders at the top of any company and migrates downstream to its senior managers, midline managers, and floor manager and supervisors. Organizations whose leadership values a transparent system find the collaboration between the various departments being much stronger and cohesive to company goals. HafeziCapital has helped organizations analyze their structure, mitigate internal and external risk factors, develop an open system across the organization for proper information flow and strengthen the overall organization via metrics-based performance improvements.

One of the key ingredients that lead to business failures in merged institutions are inconsistencies in merging the various organizations into a unified structure. Given that any merger of entities is a human interaction, companies that fail to plan the merger from an organizational cultural perspective risk weakening the company rather than strengthening it. The key to organizational success is to understand the needs of the employees as well as the goals of the organization and merging the two in an effective manner.

Organization Analytics

How an organization is structured has enormous consequences for the success of its business and its employees. The structure of a firm either enhances or hinders efficiency and productivity. In other words, how information flows and to whom, organizational redundancies, reporting structures, and product promotion methodologies are vital to organizational success.

OBHR Management

Despite global economic trends, organizations face an extremely diverse set of human behavior and human resource related challenges. HafeziCapital works with clients to build a competitive, measurable, and sustainable staffing advantage through strategic focus, business connection, and excellence in execution. Our global research in people advantage is among the most comprehensive and renowned fact-based studies of the topic worldwide.

Organization Design

The structure of a company determines its ability to execute strategy and adapt rapidly to change. HafeziCapital knows that the essence of an organization, which consists of people working together collaboratively, is the basis of competitive advantage. That is why we address organizational performance and employee engagement simultaneously. Our practice has created a suite of tools to assess companies in innovative ways and to successfully train them to achieve high performance.

Performance Improvements

To reach its full potential, a company must achieve world-class performance across multiple dimensions within its business. Improving performance may come in various forms, i.e. revenue enhancement, cost management, supply chain, purchasing, manufacturing, service operations, change management, lean six sigma, and capability sourcing and/or business process design. In combination with a differentiated and well-focused strategy, the performance improvement is fundamental to a company’s success. HafeziCapital’s performance improvement is at the heart of what we do as a firm. Our approach ensures that clients achieve leadership in their core business, expand thoughtfully, and constantly improve through operational excellence. Typically, HafeziCapital starts by using simple diagnostic tools, such as revenue filters and cost benchmarks, to identify the key levers for improving performance in a given situation. HafeziCapital evaluates its other proprietary metrics to recommend fact-based performance improvements.

Merger Management

The ability to successfully integrate acquired companies is generally ranked as the single most important factor influencing acquisition success. Merger integration is tough, and it takes the right approach to successfully tackle such challenges. HafeziCapital assists clients with Merger Management where client integration is the most effective way to extract value and to reduce unnecessary friction. Company integration should only be undertaken when necessary. Speed makes a difference only when it is in the right direction. HafeziCapital also focuses on putting culture high on your leadership agenda by retooling the culture in a way consistent with the strategy behind the merger. Decide quickly on a specific approach and use hard tactics (i.e. organization structure, compensation incentives, and a shared decision-making system) to address cultural integration. We advise clients to make tough decisions early. Ideally, acquirers should launch their integration planning several months before the deal is publicly announced. The best acquirers move quickly to determine the new organizational structure and the people key to driving such integration. Some CEOs focus on the integration even before the final details of the deal are worked out, leaving the CFO to close the deal. HafeziCapital also focuses firepower on the base businesses. Mergers can exert a gravitational pull on employees; most will want to be part of the integration team. However, acquirers need to focus most of their talent on the base business, and they must have a plan to maintain the market share of both companies and their brands while the integration is underway. Acquirers are also most vulnerable to competitive attacks on customers and employees in the months following the announcement of a deal.

Organization Analysis

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