HafeziCapital’s Organizational Consulting can help your organization become agile and proactive in responding to market conditions. HafeziCapital Organizational Consulting helps clients achieve operational excellence via sustainable improvements and effective processes that lower cost(s), increase margins and cash flows while enhancing customer satisfaction. Organizational Consulting allows to minimize organizational costs while providing the correct product and/or service to client.

Organizational Consulting

The most successful organizations are those that consistently deliver excellence in product, and customer service, while lowering costs to the end user. The most successful companies throughout the world combine the ability in developing the best strategies with the implementation and delivery of a strong organizational structure. HafeziCapital Organizational Consulting can help your company strengthen and compete at optimum levels by reassessing the current organizational structure and develop a process that aligns the needs of your clients, suppliers, and the overall organization. HafeziCapital Organizational Consulting tailors custom organizational solutions for each client meeting his or her strategic objectives.

Who we can help:

  1. Organizations that are seeking to improve operating processes in order to reduce costs, capture lost revenue or improve service levels.
  2. Organizations whose key objective are to achieve quantifiable improvements by minimizing inefficiencies, improving decision-making processes and improving control methods.
  3. Organizations that have grown rapidly but do not have the foundations in play to delivery the products/service at an optimal level.
  4. Organizations that are looking for ways to transform and improve their procurement function through employing one or more of the following strategies; outsourcing, low-cost country sourcing, supply chain management,   e-sourcing, or simply more efficient procurement.
  5. Organizations that are going through a Merger and Acquisition process and need to prepare for integration of the new company.
  6. Organizations that have pressures to grow revenue to meet investor or cash flow measures and thus have a need to re-assess whether they are getting the most from their organizational structure.

By applying a powerful combination of knowledge and momentum, we ensure our clients see measurable improvements in performance.

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