Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy is a company’s game plan for winning and competing effectively in the marketplace. HafeziCapital assists its clients in mapping out a business process to outwit the competition, captivate customers and increase long-term shareholder value. Effective strategy inspires and informs the actions of the executives and motivates the employees. HafeziCapital can help all kinds of companies, from distressed businesses to market leaders, craft both corporate and business unit strategy. Often, that starts with choosing arenas to compete in and metrics that will determine success. Getting there takes sharp strategy tools, with a strong understanding of the competition, suppliers and economic environment. Alongside corporate strategy tools like mission & vision statements and strategic planning, we bring our experience working with small and medium firms to help companies focus resources on portfolio strategy and building shareholder value. Sometimes the vision and mission of an organization are so self-evident that the statements virtually writes itself. But more often, the existing vision may be hazy, ambiguous or outdated. Indeed, the efficacy of many organizations is hampered by conflicting visions, or myopic visions devoid of “big picture” thinking.

Business Unit Strategy

Business Unit Strategy entails knowing what business you are in, understanding the current and future sources of competitive advantage in that business and then defining a plan to capture and sustain an unassailable relative advantage over competitors. HafeziCapital brings together a commitment to deliver a tailor-made solution for each client with our expertise of thought leadership on strategy. Additionally, the best strategic options are sometimes beyond the scope of the current business model. We offer assistance with business model innovation and new business building.

Strategic Management

HafeziCapital drafts implements and evaluates cross-functional decisions that will enable its clients to achieve their long-term objectives. HafeziCapital assists its clients in developing a process to specify the company’s mission, vision, and developing policies and plans, often in terms of projects and programs. HafeziCapital then works with its clients in allocating resources to implement policies, plans, projects, and programs.

Growth Development

For long-term business survival, growth is an imperative, not an option. Often the most straightforward way to increase shareholder value is top-line revenue growth, which is usually less painful than alternative methods such as cost reduction or changes in ownership structure. However, for all its positive implications, achieving growth is a complex and difficult equation. Only a small minority of companies succeed in their attempts to sustain growth. Too many companies leave money on the table in their core business, failing to optimize for cost and revenue opportunities. Companies selling into mature markets need to expand their business horizons. HafeziCapital equips its clients with the skills to look for new sources of revenue, or adjacencies, via new distribution channels, customer segments or geographies, thus avoiding miscalculations. Finally, in an era of increased turbulence, some companies will hit a wall in their traditional business lines and need to renew their core competencies. HafeziCapital helps such firms find successful platforms, often within their own business, customer insights, and capabilities to renew and reinvigorate their business model.

Innovation Development

For most companies, innovation is the key to driving growth, adding value for shareholders, and providing a competitive advantage in today’s global economy. HafeziCapital has extensive experience across the full range of challenges facing companies that want to become more resourceful or increase the impact of their innovation activities. To create a strategic and sustainable long-term approach to constant renewal, we also place a special focus on business model innovation. We work closely with companies around the world in order to increase the returns on their investments in innovation.

Scenario Planning

HafeziCapital assists the organization in developing flexible long-term plans via Scenario Planning. HafeziCapital determines the various possible outcomes and plans accordingly for them by considering demographics, geography, military, political, industrial information and mineral reserves with plausible alternative social, technical, economic, environmental, educational, political and aesthetic (STEEEPA) trends. This method also allows the inclusion of factors that are difficult to formalize, such as novel insights about the future, deep shifts in values, unprecedented regulations or inventions. By analyzing all the above, HafeziCapital can assist organizations in creating contingent methodologies that can be implemented in a more effective and thorough process. Scenario Planning allows organizations to be ahead of the game and plan for the one-in-a-million scenario and be proactive rather than retroactive.

Strategic Planning

HafeziCapital’s strategic planning takes a holistic look at a company’s aspirations, testing, and refining corporate objectives. The plan includes mapping a self-correcting process to achieve new levels of performance. It helps companies decide where to focus, where to compete and how to allocate resources. Strategic planning serves as a starting point for such related work as growth, portfolio strategy and M&A strategy. Surprisingly, companies often fail to take a long-term view in strategic planning, mistakenly believing it does not necessarily lead to higher returns. HafeziCapital helps clients incorporate a long-term perspective into their strategies while focusing on the biggest issues they currently face and on the best way to get results. Throughout the analysis process, HafeziCapital reviews and challenges the clients’ strategy assumptions. We work to identify the largest opportunities to build value within the company and develop an understanding of how its current performance compares with its full corporate potential. HafeziCapital helps clients identify capability gaps and marketplace opportunities and set up tactical goals and tracking systems that ensure results.

Marketing Strategy

HafeziCapital assists organizations in developing and implementing a marketing strategy that is based on the company’s mission, vision, and corporate strategies. We help our clients understand the four Ps and how they affect the marketing structure as a whole.

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