McLean, Virginia,—(Business Wire)—HafeziCapital International Consulting and Investing (HafeziCapital), a leading middle-market consulting and investment firm advised SmileUp Dental Center, Inc. (“SmileUp” or “Company”) on their acquisition of Glenn Burnie Dental Associates (“GBDA”).

GBDA, a leading dental practice based in Glenn Burnie, Maryland had been in business for over five years. HafeziCapital represented Dr. Nader Afgan and Dr. Farzad Azad, helping them on the acquisition and leading the due diligence, negotiation and deal structure process. HafeziCapital’s analysis was critical in obtaining the correct valuation for the firm and ensuring that the practice could thrive post acquisition.

“HafeziCapital has a track record of outstanding consulting and management services in helping firms understand how to maximize the Mergers & Acquisitions process,” said Dr. Azad, Managing Partner at SmileUp. “Additionally, HafeziCapital’s deep expertise in reviewing financials, being the lead negotiator, brining the various parties together and structuring an effective acquisition process, allowed SmileUp to save over 42% on the acquisition price.” HafeziCapital established a strong relationship with the various parties involved within the M&A process. Its credibility and focus on the end-goal allowed it a key seat at the table that became critical when issues arose that nearly derailed the negotiations process. HafeziCapital was able to intercept the issue, negotiate past the problems and lead the deal closing.

“We are proud to have led the Mergers & Acquisitions process, for SmileUp,” said Babak Hafezi, CEO, HafeziCapital International Consulting & Investing. “From our inception as a firm, we have always believed that the most successful Mergers & Acquisitions are those in which there is alignment between strategy, price and ability to execute an effective integration process.” HafeziCapital has been helping Technology, Government Contractors, Retail, Real Estate and Medical/Healthcare in the process of Merger & Acquisition. HafeziCapital helps clients analyze the value of the business and define how to best position the structure for a successful acquisition.

About HafeziCapital International Consulting and Investing

HafeziCapital International Consulting and Investing is a specialty consulting firm that provides Growth, M&A, Capital Raising, internationalization and strategic advisory services to middle-market companies across various industry sectors. We deliver unconventional results through our unique ability to understand our clients core goals, and develop a customized solution and advisory service that best positions them to execute their goals. We augmented our international Consulting and Investment capabilities through our global expansion in such cities as London, UK; Madrid, Spain; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Dubai, UAE; and Singapore offices.

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