HafeziCapital’s Growth Consulting team understands your long term business objectives and developed a customized analytical research, business strategy, product/service systemization and marketing initiatives to help you growth your business. Growth Consulting provides powerful, innovative, insightful, and practical solutions to help companies successfully address their growth challenges. HafeziCapital’s Growth Consulting solutions are tailor-made, leveraging our unique combination of market expertise, global knowledge, and relationships with industry leaders. HafeziCapital’s Growth Consulting services are devised to help each client successfully address the challenges and opportunities facing their company.

HafeziCapital views corporations as a living entity with various foundational pillars. While HafeziCapital addresses growth issues, other problems must also be addressed to ensure that your corporation thrives. This consulting relationship drives optimal strategic business development and implementation, resulting in increased sales, market share, and corporate profitability.

HafeziCapital Growth Consulting prides itself in helping clients reach lasting change by focusing on the actual problems rather than the syndromes that the organization faces. To achieve this, HafeziCapital interviews the clients and the various managers to develop a project scope. The scope allows the consulting team to develop a clear and precise identification of the pain areas. These discussions result in a clear and focused understanding of the client’s business challenges and opportunities, and the potential impact on their business. After the parties have agreed to a scope, a consulting proposal is developed that outlines how HafeziCapital consultants and analysts will address these business challenges and opportunities utilizing our Growth Consulting methodology.

At HafeziCapital we know that each business application or challenge requires a unique set of consulting methodologies to ensure that the optimal strategic information is discovered. Each company is different and each sector has its own best practices. HafeziCapital thus customizes each consulting engagement to the needs of each client and develops unique and systemized consulting engagement for each client.

Core Growth Strategy Capabilities

HafeziCapital uses a proprietary consulting process for each of our custom projects. Our project capabilities as defined by our Functional Practices are:

Growth Consulting, Growth Strategy, Growing Company

Corporate Strategy & Implementation

    1. Strategy Development
    2. Strategy Implementation
    3. Mergers & Acquisitions
    4. Corporate Partnering
    5. Investments, Joint Ventures Analysis
    6. Commercial Due Diligence Analysis
    7. Corporate Integration
    8. Geographic Expansion
    9. Corporate Planning

Growth Strategy

    1. Complete Market Opportunity Analysis
    2. Growth Opportunities Analysis
    3. Tactical Planning and Implementation
    4. Product/Concept Feasibility Studies
    5. Pipeline Analysis
Growth Consulting, Growth Strategy, Scaling
Growth Consulting, Scaling business, Growing Company

International Market Intelligence

    1. Market Research & Analysis
    2. International Feasibility Study
    3. Competitive Intelligence
    4. Market Monitoring & Tracking
    5. Competitor Profiling

Product Strategy & Support

    1. Marketing Strategy Development
    2. Customer Identification, Segmentation & Profiling
    3. Product Positioning
    4. Demand Analysis
    5. Product & Market Forecasting
    6. Price Modeling Studies
    7. Message Positioning & Refinement
    8. New Product Development
    9. Product Launch
    10. Market Entry Strategy
      (Domestic & International)
Growth Strategy, Growing your Company, Scaling Business

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